Terri Bowman

Founder, Brain Wellness & Spa


Like the late great Napoleon Hill said, can you really Think and Grow Rich? It seems like a pipe dream. But success isn’t just a bunch of slogans or a few inspirational quotes thrown about on Instagram – it’s a mindset. What your mind believes comes true. This becomes your reality. Imagine if you could improve that reality so your success is as certain as the sun rising.

The Unstoppable You program – from Terri Bowman, founder of the Brain Wellness Spa and her Proprietary Technique – aims to unlock your hidden potential by helping you to overcome internal and external challenges and achieve your most important life goals to live a life of abundance and happiness.

By delving into layers upon layers of genetic memory, the Unstoppable You program assists in allowing your brain to operate at its full capacity each and every day. It may assist in setting you on course for a fulfilling, positive and successful life.

Better yet, you can get started with a $99 introductory offer.



Unstoppable You is a comprehensive mindset shifting program, which aims to counteract your brain’s natural tendency toward lack mentality, burnout and unhelpful thoughts.

Many leading psychologists agree our minds have a natural “negative bias”.

As a business owner, working 12-hour days may be your normal although you may see little, if any growth. So, you work longer hours to achieve your goals.

Maybe you see others promoted ahead of you, despite your talents and years of loyalty.

Sometimes you may even feel you do not make the right decisions and end up “second best”.

Our brains make us believe this is the natural order of the world, that these are immutable “facts.” But this isn’t the truth. Using the techniques in my program, you too could become unstoppable and come out on top when faced with life’s most important challenges.

Through time-tested programming, designed to move you past the pressures of the 21st century, Unstoppable You may help you to stay on track to achieve your goals.



Many self-help gurus are all about excitement in the beginning, leaving you energised until the sun comes up the next morning. Then it’s back to what feels like the grind of work and everyday life. It’s almost like you’re running on a hamster wheel around and around with no way to get off.

Terri understands this all too well. The Brain Wellness Spa is the product of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship means long hours, intense pressure to perform, and sleepless nights wondering if what we’re doing is “good enough” or will truly help us break through to the “next level”.

Anyone striving for high achievement can feel burned out when they don’t quite get the result they want. Stress feels never-ending, even when you go home to family usually well past dinnertime – or worse yet, bedtime. Loved ones can sense your presence isn’t quite there. You can feel your brain not only fighting its doubts, but also fatigue. You may notice, in the quest to be the best, you keep falling short. You’re doing everything “right” yet a lingering uncertainty prevents you reaching your true potential.

Do you believe you can be the best? Believing sometimes isn’t enough.


  • Perform at your best in high-pressure situations.
  • Clear your mind to improve decision making, critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Wake-up with more energy and vibrancy to tackle each and every day.
  • Have more resilience and emotional strength to face setbacks and let them go as fast as they happen.
  • Remove limiting beliefs and instil an unshakable self-confidence.
  • Become a goal achieving machine.
  • Attract more opportunities into your life as well as chances to expand and thrive in an increased social circle. You become your authentic self.
  • Improve motivation, determination and focus in your day-to-day living.
  • Quickly identify issues that negatively influence your brain and performance to eliminate them.
  • Be better prepared to overcome challenges and obstacles with intelligence and efficiency.
  • Improve your ability to switch off, relax and sleep to avoid burnout and stress.
  • Enjoy more caring, loving and connected relationships with those around you.
  • Maintain a healthier balance between all areas of responsibility.
  • Increase contentment, gratitude and happiness in your daily life.
  • A calmer, clearer and more productive brain.



Unstoppable You aims to lift your brain’s performance to meet challenges with greater confidence and ease. Work might no longer be a burden, instead it may begin to feel effortless. And it may shift your focus from the “small stuff” to the big picture.
Completing Unstoppable You may assist in attuning your brain to work on what it can control and ignore what you cannot. Program participants say it gives you clarity to grow your business to achieve your goals without self-limiting doubt and hesitation.


Experience what your unstoppable potential feels like. My intro offers just that. Take the opportunity to discover whether Unstoppable You is the right personal development program for you.

My intro offer is a one-on-one 20 minute consult with your Unstoppable You facilitator and a 20-minute performance session. It aims to change your mindset so you get a sense of what holds you back in different areas of your life. The whole session takes a total of 60 minutes for $99 normally $500.

This offer is too good to ignore. It helps you see how it feels to be free of fear to strive for your dreams and goals. With an open mind, you get a glimpse of the power of empowerment when your limitations disappear.

Designed to show you what a life without constraints looks like, my intro offer reminds you of your creative potential. Explore what feels right before you commit to the whole program. When you like what you see and want to make it permanent, use the Unstoppable You program to take the journey to a new you.

It only takes a commitment of 1 hour of your time and $99. You will discover why people are jumping on board and ditching investing in group personal development programs.

From personal experience, Terri has deep insight into why people fail to change after participating in group transformation programs. Simply put, although everyone has the same emotions, everyone learns differently and no one thinks, perceives life or feels the same way as you.

Your brain processes your reality differently to anyone else so group transformation sessions can miss the mark. They are not tailored to individual needs. Unstoppable You is a one-on-one program that gets to the heart of your individual needs. It aims to address all areas of your life so you become truly unstoppable.

Unstoppable You is a path to self-mastery, peak performance, and overcoming fears of not only failure, but success itself.