Session 1: Reducing Fears & Doubts

In your first Unstoppable You session, we aim to focus on developing the strength and resilience of your mind and brain, to lay the foundation for your unstoppable future. We begin by identifying the root causes of the fears, doubts and insecurities that have previously stood between you and the achievement of your most important life goals, often since early childhood.

Once we begin to overcome and remove these long-held fears and doubts, you may possess the inner clarity, courage and confidence to know what you need to do next to achieve your goals, and have the inner-strength to get it done, no matter what obstacles arise.

Session 2: Mastering Emotions

Our emotions govern the way we respond to challenges in every area of our life, which is why, in session two, we aim to help you to master and control your emotions much more effectively. The ability to control your emotions is a defining trait among successful people and may allow you to evaluate situations and make decisions with a clear and level head, instead of reacting based on irrational emotions.

How you are emotionally wired is based on your genetic blueprint. Your blueprint determines the way you filter the world around you and your filters are closely linked to your feelings and thoughts. So, by working deep into the unconscious patterning you have inherited from up to seven generations ago, we help you to break free from those reactive behaviours that sabotage your feelings.

Once you have mastered your emotions, you will find it is much easier to stay focused on, and motivated towards, your goals.

Session 3: Increase Self Confidence

In session three, we aim to help you develop unshakable confidence and become more adaptable and flexible in the face of change. At this stage of the program we work on improving your personality and mindset, so you embrace each day and each challenge with a sense of courage and enthusiasm that drives you to get the job done.

As your confidence grows, so does your optimism and your belief that you will achieve your end goal, no matter what. You will naturally begin to work within your peak performance zone more often and have the willpower and determination to continually strive towards success, without becoming drained, stressed or burnt out by daily challenges.

Session 4: Develop Character & Identity

In session four, we focus on developing your character and identity, so they are aligned with the person you want to be and the life you want to live.

Your character is a combination of traits that you have inherited from your mother and father. For some, this is a blessing, but for others, it can often be what is holding them back and sabotaging their relationships, finances, happiness and health. During this session we aim to assist in blocking these ineffective traits from obstructing your advancement and develop your authentic, values-based traits that are integral to your future professional and personal success.

As your character and identity blossom, you may feel truly worthy of the wealth, success, love and happiness you desire. You might begin to attract these things into your life, free of internal struggles and self-sabotage. You might even feel completely aligned with your true purpose and begin to positively impact your family and broader community in ways you never imagined.

Session 5: Healing Your Heart Memory

Your heart is sometimes referred to as your second brain because it stores up to 50% of your genetic memory and has several types of neurons, neurotransmitters, proteins and support cells, like those found in the brain. So to become a master of yourself, you must address all of your hearts feelings and memories first.

In session five we aim to address all of the stored emotional pain, rejection and suffering that causes your heart to put up barriers, which create mental blockages and emotional sensitivities. As we assist in rebalancing your heart’s feelings from dread to inspiration and remove these blockages, your past fears may no longer hold you back and you may realise you can go far beyond your current abilities and limiting beliefs to become a true master of your life.

Session 6: Developing Emotional Intelligence

The level of your emotional intelligence directly influences the quality of your personal and professional relationships. Your ability to feel safe and connect deeply with people, to start up a conversations and negotiate important meetings without fears of being judged, all comes from your emotional intelligence. It also allows you to welcome and adapt to change, to better understand your strengths and weaknesses, and let go of the need for perfectionism.

In session six we aim to develop your emotional intelligence to naturally increase your empathy, kindness, compassion and sincerity towards others. As these traits develop, you may also find yourself becoming more positive, self motivated and solution oriented in all areas of your life.

Session 7: Reducing Sabotaging Patterns of Behaviour

Sabotaging patterns of behaviour are both inherited and learnt. When you were conceived and developing in the womb, your genetic blueprint created your emotional and psychological reality, and this reality then influenced your mind and personality.

In session seven we aim to address any of the negative default patterns of thinking and behaviour that have sabotaged your health, finances, relationships, career or business. These sabotaging patterns are like thoughts, they come from nowhere and keep repeating themselves regardless of your effort to stop them. Often they are so automatic that they set you up for failure without conscious effort. So to become unstoppable, we assist in helping you to break free from all of your sabotaging patterns and clear your path to success.

Session 8: Controlling The Ego

The ego was designed to project significance within our personality and to make human beings feel worthy of all that life offers. It was also designed to create a hierarchy of those who are worthy, and to look down at those who are not worthy.

The ego is judgemental, critical and self-centred, creating thinking systems that will make decisions based on what serves the self, rather than caring about the greater good. Often the ego can lead us to make choices that fulfil an emotional need; like buying a car, house, holiday or clothes that we may not be able to afford, so we can impress people.

In session eight we aim to assist in controlling the ego to increase our sense of universal love and compassion to everyone, especially those less fortunate than ourselves. As you begin to control your ego, you may enjoy more fulfilling relationships, more opportunities, and sustainable personal and professional success.

Session 9: Improving Perceptions

For centuries people have endured, war, famine, torture, trauma, murder, financial struggle, insecurities, hardships, uncertainty, fears, stress, worries, anxiety and mental illnesses, just to name a few. All of these experiences are passed down from generation to generation and unknowingly we become a product of these inherited experiences. Our  inherited experiences then create filters that govern how we perceive the external world and our environment. If your perception is negative, fearful, insecure or lacks confidence, your thinking will reflect this, so being motivated towards your dreams and goals will be difficult.

In session nine we aim to assist in removing these negative perceptions and unblock your path towards high achievement and unstoppable success. Your mind may enjoy more clarity and your thinking and decision making may become free from the influence of all inherited negative perceptions.

Session 10: Building An Abundant Future

Your money blueprint is a mindset that is inherited from your parents and up to seven generations of genetic memory. If your mind has inherited a mentality of survival you’ll naturally default into money stress, money fear and money lack, which then triggers a negative spiral into feelings of hopelessness and fear of failure.

In session ten we aim to address any negative conditioning or limiting beliefs about money, and replace them with beliefs of abundance and prosperity. You may feel worthy of the financial success and security you desire, and maintain the strong self belief required to endure and overcome setbacks on your road to financial prosperity and personal success.

Session 11: The 10-Day Power Booster Program

Session eleven is designed to deeply integrate the Unstoppable You program into your everyday life, and help set your unstoppable mind into action. We also assist in identifying and removing any residual negative thinking that has your inner critic telling you that you aren’t worthy of success. Wee may assist in helping you to become free from all past experiences of failure, so you may possess the courage to take the calculated risks, that are necessary to grow a successful career or business.

We finish this session by assisting your unconscious brain so that your new thinking and behaviour – inspired by the Unstoppable You program – may continue to integrate and bloom within the next 12 months.

Follow Up: 6 Monthly Follow Up Sessions

These monthly follow up sessions aim to power boost your performance and to make sure you have integrated the powerful Unstoppable You program into every area of your life. This ongoing support aims to help you maintain your unstoppable mindset and achieve your personal and professional goals.