Become Effortless In Your Execution

Have you ever felt like working a client was just effortless? You were “in the zone”, everything you said was utterly convincing, smooth as silk, encountering no resistance. It’s as if your work had real purpose; your passion focused and clear. Full enjoyment, full energy, and full investment in what you were doing.

This isn’t a unique phenomenon; it’s called flow. “Flow” is a product of  psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s (pronounced Cheek-Sent-Me-High) research, which puts you on the razor’s edge of challenge and success, provides a clarity of goals and immediate feedback, a laser-like concentration, and best of all, effortlessness in our work and interactions.

How does one attain “flow?” And how does one sustain “flow” especially in the midst of high-pressure deals, quotas to fill, and KPIs to reach? Perhaps you haven’t felt flow since you were a little boy or girl, playing with friends or toys. One minute it’s just after breakfast, the next thing you know it’s dark outside.

Children seem to have “flow” built into their bodies; you may feel as if you’ve lost that ability a long time ago, and will never get it back.

You haven’t.

Reducing Fear & Unlocking Your Flow

We all have this innate ability – it is part of what makes us human. Over time, we’ve blocked “flow” with stresses, scarcity mindsets, fears of failure – and success – and letting our “lizard brains” run rampant with signals of danger and caution, seemingly lurking around every corner.

Rediscovering your flow is part of the Unstoppable You program.

The Unstoppable You program by Terri Bowman, founder of the Brain Wellness Spa, aims to unlock your hidden potential to achieve your long-held goals and make working in your business feel easy, rewarding, and fun again.

The Unstoppable You program aims to break through your mind’s limitations so you can manage your workload effectively, relieve pressures from within and from without, and unlock your “flow” to make the right business decisions and seize the best opportunity without effort.

After the free trial period, and using your mindset shift as a platform, we help support your mind’s “rebirth” over seven bonus sessions to keep you running toward your goals. That’s worth over $3,500 of Unstoppable You sessions, FREE.

How can you sell if you don’t believe your product?

In the distant past, there was no such thing as buying and selling. We had two jobs: hunting or gathering. That was it. In pre-historic times, loose tribes of humans could trap a wild beast and they fed for that night, perhaps the next. After that, if animals were not plentiful, they starved.

This feeling of starvation led to a mindset of scarcity. Food was scarce, so we had to be careful. Food could also bite back (such as carnivores) so you had to be extra careful. We may have had some mobility and technological advantages – the difference between bare fists and a spear is like a chalk & slate and a calculator back then – but our ancestors knew life like this for generations before civilisation. Civilisation may have meant food storage, but a drought or flood could wipe settlements out in a matter of minutes. Plentiful food was possible only in the latter half of the 20th century.

Think about your grandparent’s generation – for some of them, they may have been the first in their village or city to see an automobile in motion. Now labour saving devices and automation surround us. You are literally reading this on one of them right now! Opportunity is abundant, but we’re still running on the ancient view that predators are out to eat us, and our meals are few and far between.

Neuroscientists call this genetic memory. The bits of our brain “gifted” to us from our parents, their parents, and their parents before them. Many psychologists agree that up to 60% of our thinking is informed by genetic memories – that means you could have over seven generations of genetic memories. Genetic memories that hold you back in so very many ways – the scarcity mindset adding stress and worry to sales or client interactions that you seemingly cannot break free from.

You can. You can become an Unstoppable You.

Remove Scarcity & Become Unstoppable

If you’ve ever felt you’ve lost your “mojo” during meetings, or “one more sale” will help “rebuild your confidence” – it’s an illusion. Once you fluke your way through a close, you gain a fuzzy sense of worth that fades over time. It doesn’t last. Unstoppable You may help to dispense with the trappings of your genetic memories and scarcity mindset.

YES – you can be 100% capable 100% of the time. It doesn’t happen over an hour of shock and awe and a PowerPoint presentation from a guy wearing a pressed shirt and mic headset (you know the type). It requires a dedicated, intense, and focused belief in oneself; and you may be able to achieve that with the techniques in the Unstoppable You program.



Unstoppable You aims to lift your mind’s performance, so you can rise to present and future challenges with greater confidence and ease. You may feel like your work isn’t a burden, but effortless. It may help you shift your focus from the “small stuff” to the big picture.

It aims to attenuate your mind to work on what it can control and shutters out what you cannot. Unstoppable You participants say the program gives you clarity to grow your business and achieve your goals without any self-limiting doubt and hesitation.

Just like reading about it and living it are two vastly different concepts, Unstoppable You requires diligence to maintain. This encompasses the real value in our Unstoppable You program, delivered over nine months of exclusive sessions, plus $2,400 worth of performance sessions, adding confidence, and self-esteem building programs FREE.

Now it’s your turn.

Unstoppable You is a path to self-mastery, peak performance, and overcoming fears of not only failure, but success itself.