Break Free from scarcity mindsets

You have your own business, and it affords you a decent living – perhaps more so than working for someone else. You might work long hours; sometimes you miss dinner and tucking the kids in at night.

You blurt the name of a business contact or co-worker instead of your spouses’ more often than not. (When’s the last time you called them ‘sweetie’ or ‘babe’?) You may have snapped at the kids when they asked for just a little attention – no fault of their own.

On the weekend, you feel like you all want to do is sleep on the couch and tune out.

After a quick trip around Sunday, Monday arrives. And it’s back to having your nose at the gridstone. Again. Getting back into the groove is sluggish, if it even returns at all.

Sure, it’s better than the 9 to 5, making someone else rich. But are you living your authentic dream?

Unlock your business potential

The Unstoppable You program by Terri Bowman, founder of the Brain Wellness Spa, aims to unlock your hidden potential to achieve your long-held goals and make working in your business feel easy, rewarding, and fun again.

By delving into layers upon layers of genetic memory, the Unstoppable You program aims to break through your mind’s limitations, so you can manage your workload effectively, relieve pressures from within and from without, and unlock your creative potential that may help you to take your business career to a place that out performs even your own expectations.

We aim to support your mind’s “rebirth” over nine months of intensive confidence adding and self-esteem building.

Scarcity helped us survive – but it doesn’t make us thrive

At the dawn of the human race, we were far from apex predators; or even the most cunning of the species that roamed the Earth. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, when we formed small tribes for protection, warmth and survival, the risk takers didn’t last long.

When we hunted and gathered to feed ourselves, scarcity was the rule. Just because our bellies were full today, didn’t mean it would happen again tomorrow.

This all filters down into our unconscious minds. Most of our brains are hard-wired with certain abilities and models of viewing the world. Many psychologists agree that up to 60% of our thinking is derived from genetic memories – that means you could have over seven generations of genetic memories forming your mind’s “operating system.” It’s not your fault, but it’s likely your mind sees the world as harsh, scarce, and brutish.

Achieving our dreams is different. Achieving our dreams requires a total shift in our mindset.

Unstoppable You is a comprehensive mindset shifting program which aims to counteract your brain’s natural tendency toward deprivation thinking, burnout, and unhelpful reflection.

Bring your business mind into the 21st century with unstoppable you

Many self-proclaimed business gurus are all about excitement in the first few hours, leaving you energised… until you’re facing a forest of paperwork at your desk the next morning. Business coaches are great at telling you what to do; but can’t make opportunities knock nor leads convert themselves. LinkedIn “inspiration” posts designed to empower you ring hollow after a while. This isn’t an uncommon feeling among entrepreneurs and business owners.

When we started our businesses, Brain Wellness Spa included, we wanted to be the best – the market leader. The thought leaders. Not the next Warren Buffett or the next Steve Jobs or the next Elon Musk -we wanted to be our OWN success story.

Do you believe you can be the author of that success story?

Sometimes belief isn’t enough.



Unstoppable You aims to lift your mind’s performance, so you can rise to present and future challenges with greater confidence and ease. You may feel like your work isn’t a burden, but effortless. It helps you shift our focus from the “small stuff” to the big picture.

It attenuates your mind to work on what it can control and shutters out what you cannot. Unstoppable You participants say the program gives you clarity to grow your business and achieve your goals without any self-limiting doubt and hesitation.

Just like reading about it and living it are two vastly different concepts, Unstoppable You requires diligence to maintain. This encompasses the real value in our Unstoppable You program, delivered over nine months of exclusive programming sessions, plus $2,400 worth of performance sessions, adding confidence, and self-esteem building programs FREE.

Now it’s your turn.

Unstoppable You aims to be a path to self-mastery, peak performance, and overcoming fears of not only failure, but success itself.